Welcome. Keen to Clean Green?



CLARDS are coming

CLARDS are greetings that clean up—literally.

We took our clever cleaning cloths
and turned them into smart greetings!


Keen to Clean Green?

100% Natural

70% cellulose (tree pulp) & 30% cotton makes them completely compostable. Water-based inks.


Absorbs 20X its weight in liquid.
Go ahead, spill your wine,
soak it up & wring it back into your glass!


Reusable, reusable, reusable. Easy clean in the dishwasher, sanitize in the microwave.
Cleans anything—dishes, stainless, even faces!




You can use it till worn then chop it up and put in your plants to help soil hold moisture or toss in your compost bin.



Who doesn't like to get something cute AND useful? Tie one onto a bottle of olive oil or wine for your favorite cook.


Soft & Durable

Once wet, cuddly enough for baby faces and tough enough to scrub carpet with no lint bits left behind.


Positively Practical

Use instead of paper towels. Try them to wipe up spills, shine up doorknobs, wash faces, and yes even pet paws!


Will Travel

Wet and add your favorite essential oil, seal in a baggy and away you go. No need for chemical ridden wet wipes.


Make Cents!

The average consumer spends over $180 a year on paper towels. Buy a few Soak it Up Cloths instead, that leaves over $150. (perhaps for a massage!)